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Arsalan Arif, Publisher
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Next week our sister publication FierceBiotech unveils its Fierce 15, our most anticipated feature of the year. FierceBiotech's veteran news team--led by John Carroll and Ryan McBride--assembled our best class yet of private biotechs pushing the innovation we're privileged to cover. We can't wait to share it with our readers.

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And to be the first to meet a few of our winners in person, attend BioPharm America 2011 in Boston. The meeting starts in just a few short days. (Direct registration link here.) Several Fierce 15 CEOs will take questions from John Carroll in a unique "Fierce 15 Revealed" session on Sept. 7 at BioPharm America 2011, which is produced by EBD Group. We've long collaborated on successful projects with EBD Group serving the biotech and pharma dealmaking communities.

They also know how to throw a party. I'll be there with John and Ryan and hope to see you there, too.

Thanks for being part of the Fierce community.

- Arsalan Arif, Group Publisher
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