MD&M Minneapolis (UBM Live) Announces the new Agenda for its Annual Conference, October 30 – November 1 at the Minneapolis Convention Center

MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota, October 15, 2012 /PRNewswire/ --

MD&M Minneapolis (UBM Live) announces the new agenda for its annual conference, October 30 - November 1 at the Minneapolis Convention Center. For the past 15 years MD&M has brought the Minneapolis medical device community educational guidance and practical solutions for device design and manufacturing challenges.

With a new focus on innovation, this year's event will take an in-depth look at the integrated technologies which are shaping the future of medical devices, including Power Source Technologies and Implantable and Bio-electronic Systems. "MD&M has traditionally been a strong conference for manufacturing and supply personnel, as well as the regulatory and quality functions.  The addition of new topics in the "Innovations in Technology" track should appeal to design and development personnel as well," says William Betten, Medical Technology Director at UBM TechInsights.

These sessions will bring together an unparalleled lineup of speakers, panel discussions and live demonstrations on the integrated systems technologies that are playing an important role in the future of healthcare delivery.

New technical sessions in 2012  for R&D and design engineers:

October 31, 2012: Power Source Technologies in Medical Devices, chaired by Guarav Jain, Senior Research Manager at Medtronic will tackle the new power source technologies that are critical to design, performance and reliability of medical devices. "Battery selection, power management, and energy harvesting techniques promise to be critical elements in the development of the next generation of devices.  The development and testing of these components should be of broad interest as the products are only as good as their power sources," claims Betten.

Attendees will gain an understanding of the emerging trends and technologies, system requirements, and innovations in design and testing of power sources.

Hear from Battery R&D/technical experts:

Paul Beach, President of Quallion, Glen Amatucci, Professor of Materials Science from Rutgers University, Karthik Ramaswami, Director of Product Development and Pilot Manufacturing at Eagle Picher, Craig Schmidt, Senior Director of Energy Systems Research and Technology at Medtronic, Michael J. Root, PhD Fellow at Boston Scientific, and the FDA.

Must-see sessions include:

  • Ultra-long life Implantable rechargeable battery chemistries enabled with Zero-VoltTM capability
  • alternative power sources for the biomedical horizon
  • Lithium/CFx spanning the performance spectrum from high energy to high power for implantable devices
  • Longevity and reliability evaluation for implantable medical device batteries
  • Rechargeable battery design solutions

November 1, 2012: Implantable and Bio-electronic Systems , chaired by Tim Dennison, Director of Neural Engineering and Technical Fellow at Medtronic, will help device manufacturers understand the challenges and opportunities in the design of today's biomedical systems which "have become a fusion of a variety of technologies: sensors, processors, software, user interfaces, and communications technology, with many influences becoming apparent from the consumer product space." Betton informs on some of the challenges designers face, "As these devices become smaller and more power efficient, the pressure to add functionality, whether measured by capability or capacity, continues to grow as does the need to monitor or treat chronic conditions on a more continuous basis."

Attendees will learn the fundamental considerations for bi-directional biological interfacing, packaging and electronic requirements and key regulatory considerations.  They will then have the opportunity to hear from the Nation's leading laboratories and Universities on state of the art trends and technologies in sensors, actuators, algorithms, and wireless systems.

Additional speakers and topics include:

  • Sat Pannu, Section leader for Center for Micro and Nanotechnology from Lawrence Livermore National Lab, discussing the opportunities and challenges for miniaturizing electronics and packaging
  • John Kruse, Medical Applications Specialist and Linear FAE from Analog Devices giving an overview of the regulatory and testing requirements for embedded systems
  • Javaid Massoud, Sr. Director Patient Management Systems of SORIN Group, exploring 'Connectivity in medical devices' through new wireless capabilities
  • R&D experts and electrical engineering professors from top Universities will deliver hands-on presentations-  Naveem Verma from Princeton University on developing integrated circuits for microprocessor, Arto Numikko from Brown University on Actuators and Methods to stimulate the body, and Pedram Mohseni from Case Western University on advancements in sensors technology and closed loop algorithms for medical devices

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