McNeil pulls another 2.5M packages of Tylenol drug

The problems at McNeil Consumer Healthcare's troubled manufacturing plants continue to haunt Johnson & Johnson. The company has announced yet another recall of a Tylenol product made either at the now-shuttered Fort Washington, PA, plant or at another problem facility in Puerto Rico.

The company is pulling 2.5 million packages of Tylenol Cold Multi-Symptom Nighttime Rapid Release Gelcaps after discovering that certain capsules contained higher-than-expected levels of chlorpheniramine ammonio acetate (CPAA), the Wall Street Journal Health Blog reports. CPAA is formed by the combination of two ingredients in the product; it hasn't been linked to any health problems.

As the Philadelphia Inquirer notes, this recall is the fifth by McNeil this year. Most of the products pulled were Tylenol-branded meds, but some Benadryl and Sudafed products were also recalled. J&J units also recalled a couple of prescription drugs--Risperdal and Prezista--as well as several other products, including insulin-pump cartridges and surgical sutures.

J&J has lost hundreds of millions in sales from the McNeil recalls, and it's still working to fix all of the manufacturing problems uncovered by the FDA. The company entered into a consent decree in March with the agency, covering operations in Fort Washington and Lancaster, PA, as well as Las Piedras, Puerto Rico.

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