Market watchers predict more mega-M&A

Think the pharma megamerger is done ... over ... finito? Think again. Some analysts and money men are saying that the drug industry is still ripe for consolidation. After all, no one company has more than 8 percent of the global market for prescription drugs.

And given that market shares are in the single digits, says noted venture capitalist G. Steven Burrill of Burrill & Co., "That would generally indicate that we have a ways to go on consolidation." Yep, says Simon King, a senior analyst at Datamonitor. He told Chemical & Engineering News, "There's definitely a couple of large M&A events left in Big Pharma."

Large M&A events? We can almost hear the market-watchers speculating now. Who might it be? Eli Lilly? Bristol-Myers Squibb? Send us your ideas in the comments.

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