LifeConEx Introduces the Most Comprehensive Cold Chain IT Platform, LifeTrack 2.0

LifeConEx Introduces the Most Comprehensive Cold Chain IT Platform, LifeTrack 2.0
PLANTATION, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--LifeConEx, a provider of cold chain management solutions to the life science industry, is pleased to announce the launch of its upgraded IT platform, LifeTrack 2.0.

Being the most comprehensive system of its kind, LifeTrack 2.0 is dedicated to end-to-end cold chain management of the supply chain for all modes of transportation. This newly enhanced system helps increase the competitive advantage for an organization by complying with industry regulations and mitigating risks. With the latest improvements to LifeTrack 2.0 clients are exposed to unparalleled visibility and quality of all shipments, both during transit and for historical data.

"As technology continues to be more readily available, it will not remain a competitive advantage for a long period of time, maybe six to twelve months at the very most," stated LifeConEx CEO, David Y. Bang. "Technology is ever-changing and constantly improving itself. With the transformations and next level offerings we have put in place, our clients will gain a competitive advantage with LifeTrack 2.0."

Updates to LifeTrack 2.0 include a new customer questionnaire design. This rapid assessment of customer needs will allow for an increased understanding of potential environmental impacts on the product type by mapping trade lanes through a smart database at the time of consultation. The standard operating procedure (SOP) born from this questionnaire will streamline content and increase documentation control, resulting in a much easier way to understand the processes.

LifeTrack 2.0 is built upon a cloud computing platform meeting the necessary regulatory compliant requirements and security standards with scalability and flexibility. The official launch date is scheduled to be September 1, 2010, followed by incremental customer and partner implementations.

About LifeConEx
LifeConEx is the only industry specific Lead Cold Chain Solutions Provider (LCCSP) of end-to-end temperature-controlled transportation solutions for the life sciences industry worldwide. Temperature-controlled solutions and services are designed to match the needs of customers and their products. LifeConEx collaborates with logistics and supply chain partners to produce the highest quality of services. LifeConEx provides reliable solutions, covering more than one hundred countries on all continents. For more information about LifeConEx, visit or connect with them on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.