With an eye on future pandemics, GSK will help set up 12 European countries for the possibility of an influenza pandemic

Living through COVID-19 has taught the industry and the public a lot about what it takes to manage a pandemic. Preparedness for future pandemics has become more front and center for governments around the globe.

In that vein, GSK is helping 12 European countries prepare for a potential future influenza pandemic. The company agreed to supply its pandemic influenza vaccine Adjupanrix to these countries through a framework contract it signed with the European Commission’s Health Emergency Preparedness and Response Authority (HERA) to reserve future production and supply of 85 million doses of the vaccine.

While influenza pandemics are “impossible to predict,” HERA signed the contract to improve Europe’s readiness for health emergencies, according to the press release.

GSK has already made agreements with the U.S., Canada and the World Health Organization (WHO), totaling at least 200 million doses of pandemic influenza vaccines including the HERA deal.

The U.S. deal came in February and expanded the stockpile in the U.S., which was followed by a renewed agreement in June for a WHO supply. Then, earlier this month, GSK signed a contract with the Canadian government for seasonal and pandemic vaccines.


Vaccines grew GSK’s sales by 3% this quarter, and demand for its vaccine portfolio led the company to increase its sales growth outlook from between 5% and 7% to between 6% and 8%. GSK CEO Emma Walmsley called her company’s overall vaccines business a “real strategic strength” in yesterday's second-quarter earnings call.

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused governments to take action to stock up on vaccines. In April, GSK and CureVac signed onto a German pandemic contingency plan to supply mRNA vaccines until 2029. The deal will enable the companies to deploy 80 million mRNA shots annually during “the remainder of the current pandemic or in future infectious disease outbreaks” after a minimum two-year setup period.