Korean Medical Miracles Capture the World

SEOUL, South Korea, July 31, 2012 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- Korea Health Industry Development Institute (KHIDI) announced that several foreign patients have recently experienced medical miracles in South Korea that have given them a second chance in life.

Doctor from Abu Dhabi received treatment in South Korea

A lady doctor from Abu Dhabi (Dr. Kaabi, 42) successfully received her thyroid operation at the Seoul National University (SNU) Hospital and has returned home. Dr. Kaabi visited the SNU Children's Hospital while medical escorting an eight year old child from Abu Dhabi. During her visit to the institution, she discovered an abnormality in her thyroid. After receiving a successful operation on June 18th, she was discharged from the hospital on June 21st looking healthy.

When she decided to receive treatment in a foreign country, her acquaintances advised her to go to the US. But having personally experienced the Korean medical services, she chose South Korea. Dr. Kaabi stated, "While receiving treatment in South Korea, I was impressed not only with the Korean medical facilities and services, but the meals and prayer rooms for Middle East patients." She added, "If someone requires treatment, I will definitely recommend South Korea's medical services."

Dubai's liver transplant patient like in a movie

Mr. Mohammed arrived in South Korea from Dubai under dire conditions. However, he received a successful liver transplant operation at the Samsung Medical Center on June 2nd and is under recovery. He first considered receiving the operation either in Germany or Singapore, but made the final decision of coming to South Korea.

Mr. Mohammed was escorted using an emergency helicopter upon his arrival. He recovered his health after a major operation which lasted for 12 hours. Now he is gaining back his health as well as his smiles. He stated, "I will speak highly of the Korean medical services that have given me a new life once I return to Dubai." He added, "I hope to help other patients to experience the excellent medical services in South Korea."

South African bone cancer patient experience miracle in South Korea

Diagnosed with a terminal illness called Chondrosarcoma, a rare intractable form of bone cancer, Peter (57) was living down a year's time left in his life. Peter visited South Korea to enjoy his remaining time. But with the recommendations from his acquaintance, he visited the Asan Medical Center and underwent a lengthy operation that lasted for 13 hours and 50 minutes. The result was an astonishing success and Peter is now recovering his health. Having received a new life in South Korea when imminent death was ahead, Peter commented, "I believe South Korea has brought forth this miracle."

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