Just who is Glaxo's Andrew Witty?

If yesterday was Andrew Witty's debut as heir apparent to the GlaxoSmithKline CEO suite, then today is the morning-after gossip session about his prospects. Here's a sampling:

  • He's young--just 43--so he has the luxury of thinking long-term strategy; he could be at Glaxo's helm for 20 years.
  • He has his work cut out for him, considering Glaxo's stock decline over the past six years. Investors are impatient.
  • He's a details man, but not a control freak
  • He's a motivator, a visionary
  • He's passionate about unlocking value
  • His international experience will serve him in good stead as Glaxo looks to expand in Asia
  • If he's so charismatic, why doesn't he step up to the mike?

And so on. As with any executive appointment, this one raises as many questions as it answers. All the Monday-morning quarterbacking in the world won't predict exactly how his tenure will unfold. But who doesn't love to speculate?

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