J&J pulls 667,000 Sudafed packs on labeling error

Yet another recall for the Johnson & Johnson tally. This time, we're back to consumer drugs. McNeil Consumer Healthcare is pulling nine lots of Sudafed tablets--667,632 packages, to be exact--because of a labeling error. It's the second recall of a Sudafed product this year and the fourth J&J episode this month.

When McNeil announced the previous Sudafed recall, the company said it had found insufficient cleaning procedures on the production line. "McNeil identified the inadequacies as part of a thorough, proactive quality and process assessment of all McNeil produced products," the company said in a statement.

This latest recall would seem to stem from the same assessment: The culprit was an extra "not" in a sentence about safe Sudafed use. J&J appears to be going over its manufacturing and packaging with a fine-toothed comb.

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