J&J futurist/growth czar speaks

When Johnson & Johnson announced that it would create a so-called "Office of Strategy and Growth," there wasn't much detail to be had. Now, the new chief of that office, Nick Valeriani, has spoken to the Star-Ledger about his new task. Using words like "drive growth" and "unmet needs," Valeriani still has no specifics to offer. But given the fact that, as he says, the new office won't have any impact on the company in the next six months, the lack of concrete detail is understandable.

The most interesting bits of the interview paint Valeriani's job as that of a futurist, looking decades ahead. He'll have to scry out healthcare's path 10, 20, 30 years from now--so that J&J can make the right moves to capitalize on whatever changes lie ahead. "We figure that out, I think we create billions of dollars of opportunity for the corporation," he says. No doubt.

- read the interview from the Star-Ledger

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