J&J discloses more state, federal recall probes

The feds aren't the only investigators interested in Johnson & Johnson's (NYSE: JNJ) recent spate of recalls. The company disclosed that "multiple" state attorneys general have launched their own probes. Plus, the U.S. Attorney's Office in Philadelphia has apparently broadened its probe, issuing additional subpoenas for info about the recalls.

The healthcare giant's consumer drug division has suffered a series of recalls, including a massive recall of children's drugs made at a plant in Fort Washington, PA, that's since been shut down for a production overhaul. Both that plant and another in Lancaster, PA, have drawn FDA enforcement actions after failing agency inspections. The company also drew fire during congressional hearings for a so-called "phantom recall," in which it hired contractors to buy up suspect packets of Motrin rather than immediately declare an official recall.

The Philly U.S. Attorney's Office first issued one subpoena to the company for information related to the recalls; J&J disclosed in a regulatory filing Wednesday that the federal subpoenas requested "documents broadly relating to recent recalls," the Wall Street Journal reports. The state authorities have since made "civil investigative demands" as well.

"[The company] and its subsidiaries are vigorously contesting the allegations asserted against them and otherwise pursuing defenses to maximize the prospect of success," J&J says in the quarterly filing.

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