Hikma asks FDA to bless its bovine-sourced heparin; Pfizer gets restraining order against Nigerian police; and much more

> As traditional heparin makers stumble on contaminated supplies of raw material obtained from pigs, Jordanian generics firm Hikma is asking for FDA approval to sell the blood thinner in the U.S.--and its products are made from Argentine cows. Report

> The Lagos High Court in Nigeria granted Pfizer's request for a restraining order to stop state police from harrassing the drugmaker's current and former employees, and awarded the company about $4,200 in damages. Report

> Aventis Pharma launched a pre-filled, disposable insulin pen, soloSTAR, in India. Report

> Chemicals maker BASF is expanding its capability to make amines used in pharmaceuticals manufacturing. Release

> Dynavax is dropping its mid-stage ragweed allergy drug Tolamba as it failed to meet its primary efficacy endpoint. Report

> In an interview with the Financial Times, outgoing GSK CEO Jean-Pierre Garnier shares his thought on the new, tougher FDA approval environment. Report

> Pharmacopeia's shares were up today on trial results for PS433540, a hypertension drug. Report

Emerging Drug Developer: Auspex Pharmaceuticals. Report

And Finally... Prescription meds are supplanting illegal substances as drugs of choice. Report

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