Greenphire Appoints John Blakeley Chief Commercial Officer

Greenphire, the Philadelphia-based global leader in clinical payment technologies, today announced the appointment of John M Blakeley to the role of Chief Commercial Officer. Blakeley will lead Greenphire's global marketing and sales strategy as the company continues to extend the adoption of its clinical payment technology platforms, the ClinCard System and the eClinicalGPS, to the pharmaceutical, medical device, and contract research markets. Prior to joining Greenphire, Blakeley spent 10 years in senior management and executive roles at clinical service and medical device provider ERT, most recently serving as ERT's Chief Commercial Officer. "Greenphire is truly a rising star in our industry, unlike almost any young clinical technology company we've seen in the last decade," said Blakeley. "The team is motivated and savvy, and the technologies they've developed shift the global clinical payment paradigm on the same scale that EDC, IVR and ePRO have done for clinical data in years past. It's a thrill for me, both professionally and personally, to continue to be at the cutting edge of technological innovation which will ultimately make drug development and medical discovery less expensive and more efficient." Greenphire CEO Sam Whitaker reciprocated Blakeley's comment and shared his optimism with regards to the company's future. "John's track record speaks for itself," he said. "When John started at ERT it was still a relatively early-stage company, and the vision and leadership he exhibited in bringing clinical solutions to a global market is a model for any young company in our industry. John is an exemplary leader and an innovative thinker, and the Greenphire team is excited to work with him to further establish Greenphire as a pillar in the clinical research industry and the leader in clinical payment technologies." For further information on Greenphire and its innovative solutions please email: mailto:[email protected], call +1 215.948.9251or visit About Greenphire: Greenphire is a clinical technology company, headquartered in suburban Philadelphia, which offers web-based clinical payment technology platforms for use by research sites, research universities, sponsors and CROs. Greenphire's clinical payment technologies are designed to automate calculation workflows, approval workflows and execute payments to patients, research sites and clinical vendors on a global basis, in local currency, through a single web portal platform. Greenphire's technologies are designed to streamline operations, reduce administration, reduce costs and provide analytics and other business intelligence that has not been readily available in the past. Greenphire's global patient payment technology also incorporates automated electronic messaging functionality that, when combined with payment functionality, effectively improves the clinical experience for patients and sites, drives positive patient behavior to increase patient retention and protocol compliance, and significantly reduces site and study team administration. Learn more about Greenphire's innovative clinical payment solutions at