Goose announces new product for Serialization, Track & Trace for pharma packaging

Goose announces new product for Serialization, Track & Trace for pharma packaging
Hyderabad based Goose (, a leading innovator of Business Reengineering Solutions for Global Pharmaceutical Industry has announced the launch of ProconTM Tracker, a new indigenously developed Track and Trace solution to help Pharma industries meet the new regulatory packaging guideline, detect counterfeit and protect their brand reputation. ProconTM Tracker is a new addition to Goose wide range of Procon solutions adopted by several leading global pharma companies to increase business processes efficiency.

ProconTM Tracker features highly robust encrypted serialization and package authentication capability designed to ensure consumer safety, reduce counterfeiting & diversion and meet multiple stakeholder expectations throughout the product supply chain from the point of manufacturing to consumer end.

Making the announcement Deb Pattnaik, Founder of Goose said the recent directive from the government to Pharma Industry to implement track and trace automatic identification process to offset counterfeits opens an opportunity for our product ProconTM Tracker. We found the Pharma Industry is eager to meet the new regulatory compliance norms deadline without disrupting packaging quality process and Procon Tracker is designed precisely to meet these expectations.

Counterfeit drugs entering the supply chain is a growing problem around the world. Consumer and patient safety is crucially important within the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries, as well as, the eroding bottom lines of most pharmaceutical companies due to counterfeit medications infiltrating the supply chain. The Center for Medicines in the Public Interest estimates that "globally, counterfeit pharmaceutical commerce will grow to become 16% of the aggregate size of the legitimate industry, a six percentage-point increase from 2004. This illegal business will generate $75 billion in revenues for its owners in 2010, a 92% increase from 2005."

"We are excited about the potential of ProconTM Tracker and its addition to a wide range of high performance solutions we offer to the Global Pharma industry," Deb added. "As a deep domain player, we consistently respond to new requirements of our customers with products that scale up their business advantage. ProconTM Tracker is a robust easy to integrate Track and Trace solution designed to meet the Government compliance and multiple stakeholder expectations."

Goose offers a wide range of Pharma Industry specific solutions such as Artwork, Project, Consumable Regulatory Affairs Management and Portfolio Management Solutions. Currently, its customers include large Indian and multinational pharmaceutical companies.

Goose is in talks with its existing and potential customers and expects wide acceptance and adoption ProconTM Tracker in the industry.

ProconTM Tracker: Product Highlights

The CFR Part 11 compliant ProconTM Tracker supports pedigree (an electronic record keeping requirement) and is capable of multi printer interface. It also supports automated and manual lines with added competency to work offline when there are no bar code capable printers. ProconTM Tracker also features ERP integration along with a module tenable verification through SMS, Web or IVR. The solution can generate billions of Unique Numbers with minimum 6 characters that is expandable based on customer need.

Other features of ProconTM Tracker include proprietary algorithm that considers several parameters specific to company, batch and computer. ProconTM Tracker is scalable and has quick response time for generation and validation of serial numbers. ProconTM Tracker supports GS1 standards.

About Goose

Goose is a Business Reengineering software product and solutions provider based in Hyderabad, India. It's suite of product offerings cover areas such as Artwork, Regulatory Affairs, Research & Development, Consumable management & Project management. Its customers include large Indian and multinational pharmaceutical companies. More on Goose