Giving thanks for turkey basters, and national holidays

You know you're in for a job when carrying the Thanksgiving turkey to the car counts as weight training. The 27-pound bird now resting in FiercePharma's pantry will need plenty of babysitting tomorrow. About 6 hours' worth, the cookbooks say, and if we follow Julia Child's recommendations, we'll be basting rapidly every 20 minutes. That doesn't leave a lot of time for baking pies and roasting brussels sprouts. It leaves even less for covering pharma news.

Food prep isn't the only reason we won't land in your In box tomorrow. The technical reason is that U.S. stock exchanges are closed, and FierceMarkets shuts its doors on regular market holidays. Thanksgiving is, after all, an official, government-sanctioned day off in the States. So, with apologies to our readers around the globe, FiercePharma will take that vacation day, and be thankful for it.

We will, however, be back on Friday, with a roundup of our biggest stories and special reports this year. Unlike the print media where we cut our journalistic teeth, FierceMarkets can track readership story by story. Tune in at the end of the week to see which articles brought the most readers to our websites.

Gratitude knows no national boundaries. All of you are thankful for something, even if you're not celebrating it officially. So, whatever you do tomorrow, remember that something. And whatever you have for dinner, bon appétit.  --Tracy Staton (email | Twitter)