Gilead Sciences, after long battle against HIV drug fraudsters, scores $175.2M in judgements

After a yearslong court battle against a network of alleged HIV drug fraudsters, Gilead Sciences has emerged victorious with $175.2 million in judgments.

Gilead has traveled a long road since the company in 2020 sued dozens of defendants for allegedly abusing its preexposure prophylaxis access program. Now, U.S. District Judge Aileen M. Cannon in Miami ruled that one set of defendants, Baikal Marketing Group and its associated executives, must cough up $131.4 million.

The monetary reward comes as a result of Gilead’s motion for a default final judgment, which the company filed back in August. In Florida, a final default judgment can be entered against a party that fails to adequately respond to a complaint.

Gilead delivered its complaint against the Baikal defendants at their homes last April, according to court filings. 

The case centered on allegations that the defendants fraudulently enrolled people in Gilead's access program and then resold the company's free PrEP drugs. The company claimed it was swindled out of tens of millions of dollars through the fraud web.

Separately, the judge ordered another group of defendants, Priority Health Medical Center and an associated executive, Nick Myrtil, to pay $43.8 million.

Earlier in the case, Gilead settled with healthcare clinic Well Care and some of its executives for $33 million. Well Care was also banned from participating in any Gilead access programs in the future.

In May 2022, Gilead also settled with a "kingpin" defendant for an undisclosed sum.