Generic firms have 'lost the sound bite battle' to FTC; Victory completes Middlebrook buy;

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> Generic-drug manufacturers admit they have lost the sound-bite battle over payoffs to settle patent disputes. As slogans go, it's hard to beat the negative "pay-to-delay" label the Federal Trade Commission has pinned to the practice, which the FTC says costs consumers billions in savings each year--a claim the generic makers dispute. News

> Victory Pharma today announced  that it has completed the acquisition of substantially all of the assets of MiddleBrook Pharmaceuticals. Victory Pharma release

> Apotex has sold more than 40 pharmaceutical products to AA Pharma, a company headquartered in Toronto. Both companies are privately held and no value of the sale was provided. Apotex release

> Perks for pharmacists paid by generic medicine companies will be subject to greater scrutiny under new rules imposed by Australia's competition regulator. Report

> Repros Therapeutics Inc. has suspended its at-the-market program citing regulatory limitations. The Woodlands-based drug maker had announced in February that it would be selling no more than about $7.8 million in shares. Article

> A $20 million milestone payment from  AstraZeneca helped Pozen turn a profit in the second quarter, but not enough of one to save Pozen stock from investor backlash Tuesday morning. Story

Biotech News

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> Shire forges $565 million buyout deal for Movetis. Report

> Trius slashes its IPO price to the bone. Item

> Seattle Genetics scores $900M cancer pact with Genentech. Story

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> In cancer fight, cellular suicide may not be the answer. Report

> Adult stem cell therapies making rapid progress in human studies. News

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> Manufacturing IT outsourcing rises with cost concerns. Article

> CA county targets foreign firms for relocation. Report

> India restarts troubled vax facilities. News

> Canadians find fake Viagra; inspect retailer. Story

And Finally...  A reputation of any kind, even for a business, is hard to shake. And when your company is the only federally licensed medical marijuana producer in Canada, that's the first thing people think of when they hear the company's name, says Brent Zettl, Prairie Plant Systems Inc.'s president and CEO. "It's kind of like our gateway drug, if I can use that term," he says in an interview. "It's our gateway drug to these other compounds that we're planning to have produced in plants."  Report