For Sale: Two Pfizer jets for $65M

Looking for a bargain on a corporate jet? Pfizer is scouting for buyers for two of its Gulfstream aircraft, a Gulfstream V model and a Gulfstream 550. The drugmaker just cut its asking prices as well: the V is offered at $29.25 million and the 550 for $35.5 million, Cityfile reports. The $65 million Pfizer would raise from that sale is just a drop in the drugmaker's bucket, but getting rid of jets also gets rid of maintenance costs and other plane-related expenses, which can be staggering.

Just for fun, we checked out Pfizer's proxy statement to see just how much personal use the company aircrafts get. According to the SEC document, CEO Jeffrey Kindler's aircraft perks cost Pfizer $175,210 in 2008. Ian Read, the company's worldwide pharma president, got $129,850 worth of aircraft use, while CFO Frank D'Amelio's use only amounted to $70,505 and R&D chief Martin Mackay's was $40,834.

And with a bit of web research we turned up crew's eye views of the two Gulfstreams up for sale. Believe it or not, there's a website with multiple tarmac photos of the two Pfizer-registered planes, and the broker handling the aircraft sale posted an entire gallery for each. Enjoy.

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