First SaaS CRM Application Network for Life Sciences Industry

First SaaS CRM Application Network for Life Sciences Industry
Veeva WebTM Removes the Cost and Complexity of System Integration

PLEASANTON, CA - May 11, 2010-Veeva Systems unveiled the first SaaS CRM application network for life sciences companies at its 2nd Annual Customer Summit, which kicked off in Philadelphia earlier today. Veeva Web, Veeva Systems' new strategic partner network, enables Veeva CRMTM customers to easily extend the use and reach of their multi-tenant SaaS CRM systems without the typical system integration complexities or corresponding costs. With Veeva Web, customers can integrate with a pre-screened network of relevant life sciences applications at no extra cost. Customers save both up-front and over the life of the system with ongoing support and maintenance of the integrations provided by Veeva Systems and its partners.

"Veeva Web is a prime example of the business value that a mature multi-tenant architecture can deliver. Veeva and our partners have gone well beyond the "connector" approach to system integration, delivering truly joint solutions that span multiple product areas," announced Brian Longo, director of product development at Veeva Systems, during his Summit presentation. "By offering outstanding extensibility without the elevated price tag, we are eliminating cost as an obstacle to CRM system integration."

Veeva Web embraces partners that offer best-of-breed application components of a pharmaceuticalcompany's complete commercial infrastructure. Today, Veeva Web partners cover three areas - closed loop marketing, territory management, and sample distribution/accountability. In the future, Veeva customers will be able to pick from a wide menu of complementary, highly relevant integrated life sciences applications.

Veeva is proud to announce the inaugural Veeva Web partnerships with Exploria SPS, QPharma and TerrAlign. As a member of Veeva Web, each partner offers unique solutions that are now seamlessly integrated to Veeva CRM.

"Veeva Web enables life sciences companies to leverage more than just a point solution or group of disparate point solutions, but rather a vertically-specific CRM platform along with complementary, integrated applications. It's a ‘best of both' scenario -- best of breed solutions without ever having to wrestle with integration issues," commented Jean-Yves Kainic, vice president of client solutions at TerrAlign.

QPharma's Chief Operating Officer, Ray Roggero, adds, "Hassle-free, pre-built integration is the biggest value to all parties involved in the Veeva Web - for us, for Veeva, and for customers. Because integration to Veeva is now an embedded part of our sample accountability and distribution apps, our customers are able to focus on higher value-added activities, like optimizing business processes to ensure continued regulatory compliance."

"While CLM is a vital part of so many pharmaceutical companies' commercial strategies, due to the costs and required effort, not every organization has built truly seamless integration between their CLM and CRM systems. The result is a situation for the sales rep that is less than ideal," concluded Richie Bavasso, president of Exploria SPS. "Veeva Web guarantees our joint customers a superior user experience that will drive adoption, end user satisfaction, and ultimately, market share gains."

The Veeva Web is now open to all Veeva customers who will license software application extensions directly from Veeva Web partners. For more information, visit

About Exploria Sales Performance Solutions, LLC Exploria SPSTM offers sales performance solutions for Tablet PCs and other mobile technology to the pharmaceutical and medical device industries. Exploria SPS created its second generation tablet PC detailing solution for use in a Continuous Loop MarketingTM (CLM) environment in direct response to customer dissatisfaction with the first generation offering. Focused on The Science of DetailingTM, the Exploria SPS solution enables interactive detailing using native media and algorithmic logic to determine presentation of appropriate content based upon physician response. For more information, visit

About QPharma
QPharma is the industry leader in FDA Regulatory and Compliance Solutions. Since 1994, the company has focused on delivering a comprehensive suite of Validation, PDMA, and Fulfillment Solutions to the FDA-regulated industries. For additional information, visit

About TerrAlign
The TerrAlign Group ( provides Sales Resource Optimization software and services to a wide variety of Global 2000 companies. The TerrAlign Group developed the world's first desktop-based territory optimizer over two decades ago for a leading pharmaceutical company. Since that time it has broadened its line of products and services and expanded its domain expertise. It is now the first and only software vendor to deliver a Territory Alignment & Optimization solution for the Salesforce Platform, and is an Appexchange Certified Partner.

About Veeva Systems
Veeva Systems is the leader in multi-tenant SaaS-based solutions for the global life sciences industry. Veeva has dozens of customers ranging from the world's largest pharmaceutical companies with thousands of users to emerging biotechs commercializing their first products. Veeva customers achieve the fastest time to value through the deployment of fully functional applications that are flexible, simple to deploy, inexpensive to operate, and provide a superior user experience. Veeva is a privately-held company headquartered in Pleasanton, CA. For more information, visit




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