FiercePharma yields to year-end temptation

As FiercePharma prepares to bow out for the holiday break, we leave you with our annual list of industry trends. None of them will be unfamiliar to readers, but it's just too tempting to look back at 2011 when Dec. 31 approaches. Call us traditionalists. Or blame the fact that we're spending so much willpower on resisting the cookie tray that we have none left for this.

In any case, we're joining the onslaught of year-in-review posts. One of the year's biggest trends is a perennial entry on our list. (We'll leave it to you to identify that one.) A couple of others cropped up this year, namely the bill-collecting forced by Europe's financial crisis and the record-setting drug shortages. They're all likely to influence pharma in the months ahead.

As always, let us know which developments you think we should cover in 2012. Maybe they'll make our list of New Year's resolutions. We'll be back with your regular portion of pharma news on Jan. 4; in the meantime, check our website for updates. And, of course, have a happy holiday season. — Tracy Staton (email | twitter)

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