FiercePharma braves the hazards of Thanksgiving dinner

Just in time for Thanksgiving, we're seeing all sorts of relevant scientific studies. Does turkey really make you sleepy? Apparently, tryptophan isn't the drowse-maker that people once thought. It's the heavy meal, plus sitting around watching football, that makes you feel like napping. And speaking of heavy meals--an overeating extravaganza might not just induce slumber, but trigger a cascade of biological responses that set you up for health problems later.

The remedy? Exercise at least 12 hours beforehand, The New York Times says, and you'll at least avoid the bounce in triglycerides that often accompanies overeating. So, there's one more item for your pre-holiday to-do list. Here's another: Do count your blessings, because gratitude is better for mood--and sleep--than tryptophan.

Whether you choose to go for a turkey trot or decide to take your chances in the recliner, don't look for FiercePharma in your inbox. We'll be back on Monday with more pharma news. - Tracy Staton (email | twitter)