FDA panel: Approve Medtronic stent

Medtronic's new drug-coated stent may soon turn the Boston Scientific-Johnson & Johnson rivalry into a three-way battle for market share. The Minneapolis-based company got an FDA panel's recommendation yesterday, clearing the way for a final agency approval to market its Endeavor stent, perhaps by year's end.

At the advisory committee meeting, Medtronic presented data that showed its Endeavor stent to be less prone to clots than Taxus (Boston Scientific) or Cypher (J&J). It's this clotting problem that has depressed sales of the coated stents by almost a third this year. But the Medtronic data was based on a fairly short-term study, so long-term differences remain to be seen.

Meanwhile, Abbott Laboratories is waiting in the wings with its Xience stent, with hopes of an FDA approval during the first half of next year. Boston Scientific is Abbott's marketing partner for the product.

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