FDA opens doors in Costa Rica

A year after announcing plans to open offices overseas--part of the "Beyond Our Borders Initiative," the FDA has a site in Brussels, three offices in China and has now officially opened its doors in San José, Costa Rica. The agency began plans for the office in Latin American in June 2008 following a summit in El Salvador with Health Ministers from the Central American region. The FDA expects to further expand its presence into Latin America with another office in Mexico and South America later this year.

"The countries of Central America, along with Panamá and the Dominican Republic, create the third-largest U.S. export market in Latin America, and, every year, the United States imports millions of dollars in goods from these important trade partners," Secretary Leavitt said. "An HHS/FDA presence in the region will improve collaboration, strengthen our partnership and hasten the flow of quality goods to our markets."

The FDA also has plans to open two more offices in India and is "pursuing options" in the Middle East region.

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