Excelsior Medical Announces Issuance of Second U.S. Patent on SwabFlush

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Excelsior Medical Corporation announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has issued new US Patent No. 8,231,602 to the company.

“The new patent is the second patent related to our integrated delivery system called SwabFlush™ and further protects our proprietary product line,” said Steven Thornton, President and CEO of Excelsior Medical.

SwabFlush™ combines the company’s evidence-based , SwabCap®, with a saline flush syringe. The benefits of have been established in numerous studies such as a prospective, peer-reviewed clinical trial at the four-hospital NorthShore University Health System located in Evanston, Ill. and a multi-site study of use at 12 hospitals by Gregory Schears, M.D. of Rochester, Minn.

Several studies have also shown that associating a disinfection cap and a flush syringe at the point of care improves compliance with disinfection and patient safety protocols.


* Scientific poster: from NorthShore Health System study of disinfection cap

* Scientific poster: Multi-site clinical trial of

* Clinical case study (Doctors Hospital of Laredo): Combined Disinfection Cap and Flush Syringe Improve Process

* Clinical Case Study (Mission Regional Medical Center): Disinfection Cap and Flush Syringe Improve Disinfection of


* Data from multi-site clinical trial of

Excelsior Medical Corporation is a privately held medical device company with a primary focus on innovative catheter maintenance products that may reduce infection, medication errors and healthcare costs. The company makes SwabCap, SwabKIT and SwabFlush for disinfection and protection of IV needleless connectors. Formed in 1989, Excelsior also manufactures and sells pre-filled saline flush syringes, pre-filled heparin flush and lock syringes, and syringe pump systems to customers throughout the world.

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