Echo Pharmaceuticals Announces Phase 2 Results for Namisol®, Its' Pipeline Product for Oral Administration of Δ9-Tetrahydrocannabinol and Appoints The Sage Group

Echo Pharmaceuticals Announces Phase 2 Results for Namisol®, Its' Pipeline Product for Oral Administration of Δ9-Tetrahydrocannabinol and Appoints The Sage Group

AMSTERDAM, CAMBRIDGE, England and CLINTON, New Jersey, July 11, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --

Echo Pharmaceuticals ("Echo") announces that Namisol® has completed successfully a Phase II trial with 24 patients suffering from spasticity and pain due to multiple sclerosis (MS). The trial has been conducted by the Centre for Human Drug Research (CHDR) in the VU University Medical Center Amsterdam and it was led by Dr. G.J. Groeneveld, Research Director Neurology & Pain, CHDR. The clinical trial was a double blind, placebo-controlled study of Namisol® to determine safety, tolerability and efficacy in MS patients. The outcome of this trial showed efficacy and consistent results on both spasticity and pain.

Simultaneously, The Sage Group has been appointed by Echo Pharmaceuticals to assist the company in its search for a strategic partner for commercialisation of its lead Namisol® program.

Dr. Vanesa Fernandez, CEO of Echo Pharmaceuticals, said "We are very pleased that The Sage Group has been selected by our Company to assist in the commercialisation phase of Namisol®. The successful Phase 2 trial in MS patients is a major milestone for Echo and we believe there will be strong global interest in working with us to take the product to market. The Sage Group are very experienced in developing such partnerships and will add a valuable business development activity to our drug development capability."

Dr. Bill Mason and Wayne Pambianchi of The Sage Group based in Europe and the USA said "We are delighted to be selected as managers for this exciting program and we look forward to working with Echo and key interested parties in the pharma industry to develop strong partnerships for global commercialisation of Namisol®."

About Namisol ®
Namisol® is the world's first oral tablet that contains pure (≥98,0%), natural Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC or dronabinol) in fixed dosages with high, predictable bioavailability (due to Echo's innovative drug delivery technology AlitraTM) and a long, stable shelf life at room temperature. Namisol®'s current clinical program includes, in addition to the MS indication, a number of phase II clinical trials for the indications behavioral disturbances in patients with Alzheimer's Disease, and Chronic Pain.

About Echo Pharmaceuticals B.V. ( " Echo " )
Echo Pharmaceuticals is a privately owned, specialized pharmaceutical company based in The Netherlands, founded in 2006. Their mission is to develop effective medicines, with a focus on cannabinoid-based compounds, and drug delivery technologies that contribute to better the quality of life for a wide range of patients. In 2009, Echo established their headquarters and clinical research center in Nijmegen, which is situated in an area of the Netherlands well-known for its ideal environment for businesses in life sciences and health.

Over the years, Echo has developed outstanding proprietary knowledge and extensive expertise in the field of isolation, formulation and clinical development that have led to successful drug- and delivery technology development programs. Echo Pharmaceuticals has a cGMP certified production and pharmaceutical development center in Weesp, The Netherlands

About The Sage Group , Inc.
The Sage Group Inc. is a leader in the provision of strategic and transactional advice to health care companies in the pharmaceutical, diagnostics, medical device, biotechnology and life science fields. Sage currently maintains offices in USA, Europe, Israel, Australia and Japan. Since its founding in 1994, The Sage Group has served more than 200 clients in the US, Europe and Asia, and completed numerous transactions including divestitures, alliances, acquisitions and financings with values ranging from $5 million to $500 million.

The Sage Group is an organization of experienced and successful executives who are committed to the service of the very vital and dynamic health care industry and its investors.

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