Dr Wilfried Hoffmann Joins Scale-up Systems as Principal Consultant, Process Chemistry

Dr Wilfried Hoffmann Joins Scale-up Systems as Principal Consultant, Process Chemistry
Outstanding chemist will support global usage of DynoChem in reaction optimization, scale-up and QbD

DUBLIN, Jan 12, 2012 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Scale-up Systems Limited, the leading global supplier of process development software to the pharmaceutical industry, today announced that Dr Wilfried Hoffmann has joined the company as a Principal Consultant, following 28 years with Pfizer.

Dr Hoffmann was engaged at Pfizer in developing methods to extract information from laboratory experiments and to link these data to the design of large scale manufacturing processes. This started with the use of Reaction Calorimetry in process development, later combined with online Infra-Red (IR) spectroscopy and culminated with a powerful and general approach using DynoChem to design processes with scale- and equipment-dependent parameters.

Dr Hoffmann noted that "joining Scale-up Systems is a great opportunity to continue these efforts and I see DynoChem as the ideal platform to combine the needs of a chemist to capture their chemistry with mechanistic models and the requirements of the engineer to design the process within the constraints of scale and equipment".

Welcoming Dr Hoffmann to the Scale-up Systems team, Dr Joe Hannon, Managing Director, said that Wilfried would be working with and teaching pharmaceutical process development teams at customers globally, with an initial emphasis on Europe, especially Germany, Switzerland and the Benelux countries.

According to Steve Cropper, Sales Manager for Scale-up Systems, "customers in Europe are increasingly looking to achieve QbD and for tools that help transfer of knowledge between chemists and engineers. Wilfried has outstanding knowhow and experience using models to capture process understanding; his expertise will be an asset to all of our customers seeking to reach these goals."

In addition to face-to-face engagements at customer sites, Dr Hoffmann will lead a series of webinars during 2012. The first will take place on February 15 and registration is available at:


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