Docs prefer virtual reps to living ones

Assembly-line workers fear being replaced by robots. Now pharma reps can fear losing their places to the Internet. According to a study by Verispan, 47 percent of docs thought they got as much info from e-promotions as face-to-face detailing by reps, and 21 percent thought it was better than the real, live thing.

That's why 10 percent last year opted for electronic detailing instead of in-person rep visits, when they had the choice. "Physicians prefer this form of detailing because they can do the activities on their own...they can learn about the drugs without disrupting patient time with reps in the office," said a Verispan manager.

Another note: Newer docs were most likely to switch to online detailing. Understandable, considering that the younger generation tends to be more comfortable with technology. But that just means that as more and more new docs come on the scene, the proportion of them who prefer interacting with virtual reps rather than real ones is likely to grow.

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