Device makers divulge doc payments

Ever wonder how much orthopedic device makers are shelling out to so-called consultants? You're in luck. The five big implant companies have posted the figures to their websites. And the big news is that 47 docs or hospitals netted more than $1 million each. Almost half of them--21 to be exact--got their big checks from Zimmer Holdings. Massachusetts General Hospital netted a whopping $8.67 million.

The other companies that disclosed the info are Stryker, Johnson & Johnson subsidiary DePuy, Smith & Nephew, and Biomet. They did so under a deal with the U.S. Justice Department, which had been investigating financial relationships between the companies and surgeons. And these four handed out some big bucks, too; J&J's largest payment was around $6.75 million, and Stryker's was about $3.05 million.

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