Daiichi Sankyo to launch Kitasato Daiichi Sankyo Vaccine company

Daiichi Sankyo and The Kitasato Institute entered into a basic agreement for the creation of a joint venture company. Details of the new company are as follows: headquarters located at Kitamoto, Saitama Prefecture; President of the company is Masahiro Okabe; Setsuo Arai will serve as executive vice president; Shigehisa Yamazaki is the board member; Akira Nagano, Takeo Ishidate, Yoshikazu Takano, and Akio Goto are outside directors.

Principal businesses of the new company are: manufacturing and marketing of biological drug products for humans and animals; R&D of new vaccines using technologies together with Kitasato University, other domestic and overseas universities, and research institutes; Activities with the purpose of international cooperation, such as supplying vaccines and supporting technologies for the manufacture of biological drug products for humans and animals; Other necessary activities required to develop the joint venture company's business.