Daiichi aims for 60 percent growth

Daiichi Sankyo says it's ready for it's close-up. The company got FDA approval last week for a combo remedy for hypertension, Azor, and now it's meeting with its Congressman to talk about adding new jobs at its New Jersey HQ. Perhaps most surprising is its sales-growth target: a whopping 60 percent over the next three years, based on its hopes for Azor and two other meds coming up the pipeline.

Not exactly a household name in the U.S., Daiichi Sankyo has historically developed drugs for licensing to other companies, including Pravachol, a statin sold by Bristol-Myers Squibb; and Levaquin, an antibiotic marketed by Johnson & Johnson. Now, to do more marketing on its own, Daiichi Sankyo has more than doubled its sales force. They'll have to hoof it to meet that ambitious growth target.

- check out Daiichi Sankyo's press release
- read the article in PharmaTimes

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