CryoPen Unveils Revolutionary New Cervical Cancer Treatment

GY2 Cryosurgical System Delivers Fast, Effective Treatment

CryoPen Unveils Revolutionary New Cervical Cancer Treatment

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CryoPen, Inc., today announced that its new GY2 Cryosurgical System has been cleared by the Food and Drug Administration for use in gynecology. This new treatment will help medical professionals provide cervical cryosurgery without the traditional use of dangerous cryogenic gasses or liquids.

The GY2 Cryosurgical System delivers treatment at -105° Celsius and is intended for use in the ablation of Cervical Intraepithelial Neoplasia (CIN) grades 1 and 2. Traditional cryosurgery requires the use of liquid nitrogen, nitrous oxide, or carbon dioxide. CryoPen’s GY2 System does not utilize these dangerous substances.

“In addition to the ease of treatments that don’t rely on dangerous gases, CryoPen’s GY2 System can make a difference in areas that are underserved by gas delivery including developing countries,” says Dr. Michael Haas, President of CryoPen, Inc. “Many countries have barred the use of nitrous oxide because of its ozone depleting and greenhouse attributes.”

Greater access to cryotherapy treatments could mean fewer deaths from cervical cancer. CryoPen’s GY2 System offers the ability to provide cervical cryosurgery treatments in underdeveloped nations, potentially saving tens of thousands of lives where the incidence and mortality due to cervical cancer is high.

Cervical cancer is preventable if detected and treated early on. CryoPen’s GY2 Cryosurgical System is poised to become the leading technology in the fight against cervical cancer.

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