In what may be the first foray by Big Pharma into the sale of medical marijuana products, Novartis has struck a deal with a Canadian company that sells medical…

Pfizer’s board of directors is providing rich incentives to keep CEO Ian Read on board as the company navigates a host of challenges.

Amgen faces generic competition to its thyroid medication, Sensipar, and the potential to lose share in the PCSK9 cholesterol drug market. Now what?

AstraZeneca's Imfinzi won't have its first-line lung cancer data till later than expected, and at a time when Merck's Keytruda is racing ahead.

J&J paid out $15 billion in rebates and discounts in 2017 as its average selling price slipped 4.6%.

Sanofi is off the hook with Justice Department in a foreign bribery investigation but is still talking with the SEC about the matter.

In the wake of the Aetna-CVS combo, Cigna's Express Scripts buy could mean more pricing resistance ahead for drugmakers.

Sanofi finds itself in the middle of a public sexual harassment battle with a former exec even as the #MeToo movement builds momentum in the country.