Complimentary Webinar - Leveraging PIM Concepts to Address Global Labeling Challenges

Complimentary Webinar - Leveraging PIM Concepts to Address Global Labeling Challenges

Tuesday, 10-May-2011
1:00PM EST

For the past decade, pharmaceutical companies and the European Medicines Agency (EMA) worked on the Product Information Management (PIM) initiative to address important business requirements pertaining to European centralised procedures. Although the PIM programme was terminated in March 2011, the original business objectives remain unmet.

Join Glemser on May 10 to learn how you can leverage many of the PIM concepts and related technologies to meet important global labeling requirements.  During this webinar, we will:

Review the major global labeling business problems faced by pharmaceutical companies, including:
executing complex business processes that surround global labeling
meeting disparate local regulatory requirements around the world
managing translations in many languages and under tight time constraints
complying with emerging and evolving content submission standards, such as SPL in the US, QRD in Europe, and others
ensuring that changes to core data are propagated to all world-wide labeling documents, in all languages
eliminating redundant product information content to increase quality, efficiency and content consistency
Present Glemser's best practice recommendations on how to solve these business problems, based on 10 years of global pharmaceutical labeling experience and 4 years of production PIM experience
Conduct a demonstration showing practical ways of meeting these requirements through Glemser's xmLabeling solution
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We look forward to your attendance on May 10.