Calgary Scientific Launches PureWeb® 3.1

Now with downloadable STK trial to better support mobile, cloud, and Web-based enterprise application development

CALGARY, Alberta, Aug. 2, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Calgary Scientific Inc., a company known for creating transformative technology that reshapes industries, introduces PureWeb® 3.1 to the enterprise software market. The PureWeb platform transforms enterprise-class desktops, workstations, and traditional rich client-server applications into Web-enabled, mobile and cloud-accessible applications. They can then be enabled for real time multi-user collaboration, delivering the security and performance, which users expect. One of the significant enhancements in version 3.1 is a 60-day downloadable Software Transformation Kit (STK) that allows developers to fully test-drive the platform. Developers will be further supported by a new online PureWeb Developer Community, providing documentation and specs, technical support and a community blog outlining industry trends, case studies, and other tips on how to use PureWeb.

PureWeb has been helping software vendors and integrators save development costs, preserve their development investment, drive incremental revenue, and deepen user loyalty for more than three years. Proven initially in the medical industry, PureWeb has supported corporations in the simulation and training, aerospace, and retail industries by extending the reach of big data, visually rich applications to the Web, cloud, and mobile devices, all without compromising high security standards.

Other 3.1 enhancements include:

Flex client STK - new options for deploying any application to devices using Flash®, including the option to utilize the Adobe® Flash Builder product to create "write once" applications for iOS, Android and BlackBerry devices. This is in addition to existing native support for iOS, Android and other mobile platforms.

Acetate functionality - ability to direct the attention of remote participants with either a mouse or ink -- further enhancing user collaboration capabilities announced last year.

Unicode Support - improved support for applications using any language in international deployments, making global software expansion easier.

"The PureWeb platform brings tremendous value to legacy applications and applications that haven't even been developed yet," says Glen Lehmann, Vice President of Products at Calgary Scientific. "In the enterprise software world, if you aren't mobilized and capable of operating in the cloud, you are lagging the marketplace. Industry is aggressively seeking solutions to mobilizing big data applications without compromising security, and PureWeb uniquely solves those issues with its patented architecture. PureWeb is a proven path to more revenue and reduced costs and now we are delivering it in ways that make it even easier for developers. PureWeb is also the most potent weapon in the software arsenal for developers looking to come out on top in the ever-growing collaboration capability battle."

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About Calgary Scientific Inc.
Calgary Scientific is dedicated to providing advanced Web-enablement, mobility and visualization solutions for industries looking for secure access to their data or graphics intensive applications, while using their existing systems. Calgary Scientific began developing technology for the medical industry -- a sector with the most rigorous demands for access, visually rich data, privacy, security and scale. With our FDA-cleared ResolutionMD™ technology, we have proved our ability to revolutionize healthcare, and now with the unique power of the PureWeb® software platform, we are doing the same for other industries. For more information on Calgary Scientific, go to or Or follow us on Twitter at @calsci and @getpureweb.

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