BIT Analytical Instruments Hosts New Product Launch

BIT Analytical Instruments Hosts New Product Launch

BIT Analytical Instruments GmbH (), a complete contract product development, manufacturing services and after-sales service provider to medical and industrial instrument OEM clients, partnered with DRG Diagnostics to launch a revolutionary new product – the DRG:HYBRID XL Analyzer, a fully-automated and integrated random-access analyzer for immunoassays and clinical chemistry. This innovative and unique technology allows, for the first time, the simultaneous measurement of immunoassays and clinical chemistry parameters including turbidimetric tests in one work routine. Following the system requirements defined by DRG, BIT Companies provided the hybrid technology concept and developed the core product idea and industrial design through to engineering, prototype, validation and final production.

The launch event took place on Wednesday, August 22 in Bad Soden, Germany at the facility of BIT’s parent company, Messer GmbH. In attendance were key corporate executives and project team members from BIT, Messer and DRG. “The DRG:HYBRID XL Analyzer represents a successful partnership in design and development,” said Mr. Balger, CEO of BIT. The marketplace is waiting in anticipation for this machine – a model of ingenuity and efficiency with two instruments combined within one compact unit. We are fortunate to have been a partner in this development process, as it has been very valuable and given us great insight in the future design of instruments using our BIT platform modules.”

"Our expectations are very high for the success of the DRG: HYBRID XL Analyzer,” said Mr. Sänger, Managing Director for DRG. “We anticipate that DRG’s Hybrid will replace many existing instruments over the coming year.”

The DRG:HYBRID XL fully-automated analyzer is ideal for small and medium-sized labs. However, it is also suitable for high-workload laboratories performing special routine and niche parameters automatically. The analyzer is flexible enough to measure 40 different tests from one sample or just one or two tests from 20 samples. Additionally, the unique concept of the DRG:HYBRID XL allows each user to combine individual diagnostic panels from immunoassays and clinical chemistry. Further information on the DRG:HYBRID XL Analyzer can be found on .

For over 35 years BIT Companies () have provided services in the field of contract development and manufacturing as well as after-sales service for customers in the fields of medical, diagnostics, life science, and biotechnology. As a part of the financially strong Messer Group, BIT Companies provide their systems solutions worldwide and in compliance with ISO 13485 and 9001 standards. As registered contract service providers to the FDA, BIT Companies meet the stringent regulations with regard to medical and complex medical technical products while simultaneously adhering to predefined design-to-cost and time-to-market targets.

BIT Companies () include BIT Medtech in San Diego, CA, USA; Source Scientific, LLC in Irvine, California, USA; BIT Analytical Instruments Ludlow, Massachusetts USA; BIT Analytical Instruments GmbH in Schwalbach, Germany; BIT Technologies in Kunshan, China; BIT Japan Ltd. in Tokyo Japan; and BIT C2 Diagnostics in Montpellier, France.

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