BiomarkerBase™, The Clinical Biomarker Database, Now Includes Biomarkers in Clinical Trials & FDA-Approved IVD Tests

BiomarkerBase™, The Clinical Biomarker Database, Now Includes Biomarkers in Clinical Trials & FDA-Approved IVD Tests

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BiomarkerBase™ () has recently been updated to include every biomarker listed in a phase 3 or 4 clinical drug trial. This addition of over 170 new clinical biomarkers adds to the hundreds of existing biomarkers sourced from drug labels and commercialized diagnostic tests.

This most recent update of BiomarkerBase™ also includes the addition of every biomarker-based diagnostic (IVD) test to receive pre-market approval from the FDA since 1994. The database also now includes many 510(k)-cleared tests, along with many CLIA lab-developed tests (LDTs), and complete inclusion of these tests will be finished by the end of the year. The addition of every biomarker listed in a phase 1 or 2 clinical trial will also be completed within the same timeframe.

Once the inclusion of all of these IVD tests and the phase 1 & 2 clinical trial biomarkers is complete, BiomarkerBase™ will have met its goal of including every molecular biomarker in clinical use.

“We are well on our way to assembling the most complete database of clinically-active biomarkers, and use of the database by our subscribers continues to grow along with the dataset,” said John Audette, President of Amplion Research, the publishers of BiomarkerBase™.

Every clinical trial biomarker in BiomarkerBase™ is linked directly to the FDA’s record for the relevant clinical trial. All IVD tests listed in the database link directly to the product insert or other primary record on file with the FDA, or to the product page on the company website for LDTs.

“The addition of every IVD test for every biomarker target in the database represents a significant expansion of the resource,” said Audette. “Users can now see exactly which tests are already commercialized for every FDA-recommended/required companion diagnostic biomarker, and for every biomarker in a late-stage clinical trial.”

BiomarkerBase™ also received a facelift as part of the recent updates, and now boasts an interface that is even more user-friendly.

About BiomarkerBase™

BiomarkerBase™ () includes every molecular biomarker on a drug label, every biomarker in a PMA-approved diagnostic, prognostic, or companion diagnostic (theranostic) test, and every biomarker in an active phase 3 or 4 clinical drug trial. All records in BiomarkerBase™ are linked directly to primary authorities such as FDA records and scientific databases.

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