Avatan Modernises With Its All New Plastic Pallet

Avatan Modernises With Its All New Plastic Pallet

Avatan provides a wide range of storage solutions. The product range includes plastic shelvings, stillages, pallet racking, rolls containers and plastic containers.

Online PR News - 29-October-2010 - For Immediate Release

UK based handling materials supplier brings in the pallet of the future.

London, United Kingdom, October 26th, 2010 - UK based handling materials supplier Avatan (www.avatan.co.uk) has unveiled it's all new plastic pallet: an item whose superior strength and durability looks set to make the recession a thing of the past for warehouses and warehousing companies all over the UK. The pallet, which is available in three basic formats, combines the lightweight stack-ability of plastic with cost effective pricing and sensible moulding to deliver heavy duty and light duty storage solutions across the board.

The first pallet, the PP -ER80L, weighs in at 17kg and measures 800mm x 1200mm x 155mm. It's a heavy duty four way entry plastic pallet that features free forks entry on its shorter sides and non slip skids on the longer sides. With a 1500 kg floor standing load capability, and a 1000 kg racked up load, the PP-ER80L offers a diverse solution for most warehouses.

The second version of the new pallet is a regular floor pallet, designed to accept loads of up to 1250 kg when used to store floor standing loads. This is a basic warehousing pallet unsuitable for racking loads in excess of 350 kg: weighing in at 13kg it offers ideal light storage when not in use.

The third plastic pallet, the PP-ER100C, with an overall dimension of 1000mm x 1200mm x 165 mm, and a free standing weight of 26 kg, is a heavy duty pallet capable of racking 1250 kg, or supporting a floor load of 1500 kg. It has no free entry ports for forks - instead, it's got guided loading holes that ensure total security when raising a full load onto a high racking shelf.

The three pallets released by Avatan (www.avatan.co.uk/all-new-plastic-pallets.html) pretty much cover every eventuality in and type of warehouse storage. They can be purchased in bulk quantities at excellent discounts and are guaranteed for a long term.

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Avatan is a UK based distributor of handling goods for working warehouses. They offer a wide range of storage solutions in the form of plastic pallets, storage boxes, hypacages.

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