AstraZeneca CEO Soriot scored $18.5M pay package amid oncology, rare disease rebrand

2019 was CEO Pascal Soriot's seventh year at the AstraZeneca helm. (AZ)

For AstraZeneca, 2019 was the year of the rebrand as the global drugmaker worked through an ambitious pivot to oncology and rare diseases. For CEO Pascal Soriot, the company's reimagining was not only a breath of fresh air for the drugmaker's portfolio but also a lucrative turn for his own pocketbook. 

Soriot secured £14.3 million ($18.54 million) in total pay in 2019, a roughly 26% increase from the £11.36 million ($14.73 million) he earned the previous year, according to AstraZeneca's annual report (PDF).

Of Soriot's total pay package, £1.8 million came in the form of base salary with an additional £1.9 million annual bonus, £6.3 million in long-term incentives and dividend equivalents and £4.3 million in share appreciation and dividends, the company said.

Soriot's base salary jumped from £1.2 million in 2018 with his long-term incentive pay dropping from its 2018 total of £7.67 million, the company said. 

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