Applied Instrument Technologies Establishes Process Analyzer Manufacturing Facility in California

Applied Instrument Technologies (AIT), a company specializing in production and distribution of process analytical instruments such as PIONIR Near-Infrared, Analect FTIR, FXi Gas Chromatographs, MGA Mass Spectrometers and RPM Raman analyzers, has opened its new corporate headquarters and process analyzer manufacturing facility in Upland, California.

The process analyzers, manufactured by AIT, are utilized by industry leaders in chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, refining and steel industries to achieve maximum efficiency in their manufacturing operations.

AIT was acquired by The Thompson Group in October 2010 and was moved to the new building within six months. The 24,000-square-foot facility, designed to manufacture analytical instrumentation, receives more than half of its electrical energy from solar panels. It also accommodates research facilities for chemical testing, applications, optics and electronics development.

Joe LaConte, President of Applied Instrument Technologies, said that the new manufacturing facility will help the company to support its growth in the process analytical technology.