ALSO NOTED: Wyeth negotiates with union; Teva may sell veterinary unit;

> Wyeth is negotiating with the chemical workers union in Pearl River, New York, over a new six-year contract; the current deal expires Wednesday and covers 900 workers at the facility. Report

> Teva Pharmaceutical Industries is "exploring strategic alternatives" for its veterinary unit, including a possible sale; Bayer wouldn't comment on whether it would be interested in a buyout. Report | Report

> Breckenridge Pharmaceutical got FDA clearance to sell a generic form of the Novartis epilepsy drug Trileptal; the company plans to launch immediately. Report

> ow might Olympic athletes chemically boost their performance without steroids? Bupropion, the antidepressant/stop-smoking drug, suggests one scientist. Report

> Paris-based Ipsen and the nonprofit Salk Institute have teamed up to create the Ipsen Life Sciences Program at The Salk Institute. Report

> Harvard Medical School's Dr. Stephen J. Elledge and a team of scientists used RNA interference to screen thousands of protein-making genes, and have identified 273 proteins HIV needs in order to survive in human cells. The finding raises the possibility that the proteins may be targets for the treatment of AIDS. Report

And Finally... Conspiracy theorists might find this tempting: Could it be that society is to blame for obesity, not the obese themselves? Report