ALSO NOTED: Thai FDA chief quits after one week; Congress asks FDA to nuke self-labeling rule

> In the midst of a controversy over patent-busting compulsory licenses, Thailand's new Food and Drug Administration chief quit after one week on the job. Report

> Seventeen House members asked FDA chief Andrew von Eschenbach to withdraw proposed rules that would allow drug makers to make their own changes to product labels; the reps said they feared the change would limit consumers' access to information about safety risks. Report

> Denmark's Lundbeck reported a 69 percent decline in fourth-quarter profits to $19 million, due to a writedown in value of its manufacturing facility in northern England. Report

> Federal prosecutors fined Florida-based White Broadman $1 million for selling unapproved ED drugs. Report

> The FDA gave its blessing to three new strengths of Endo Pharmaceuticals' Opana ER pain med. Report

> In other Endo news, the company removed Vice President Bill Newbould from his role as company spokesperson after he told a reporter that the company isn't evaluating a possible sale; because he wasn't privy to the discussions, Endo said, Newbould didn't know that the board had worked with financial advisers and consultants on a possible deal. Report

> The breast cancer remedy tamoxifen may be useful against bipolar disorder's mania phase, but side effects could pose difficulties for long-term use, researchers said. Release

> Eisai and its partners MGI Pharma and Helsinn Healthcare said the FDA gave the nod to their Aloxi injection to prevent post-operative nausea and vomiting. Release

> A Russian news service is reporting that Nycomed is looking for a site for a new pharmaceuticals plant in that country. Report

> Renovo's Juvista produced a mixed set of data in two mid-stage trials. Report

> Shire Human Genetic Therapies and a string of smaller drug developers have decided to pull up stakes from Cambridge and head for the suburbs. The exodus is being triggered by a desire to find less expensive digs. Report

> The Boston Globe weighs in with a lengthy look at the tussle over biogenerics--a.k.a. follow-ons and biosimilars. The smart money is betting that at some point in the not-too-distant future Congress will get around to giving the FDA authority to approve biogenerics on a case-by-case basis. Report

And Finally... If the presidential candidates were pharma brands, what would they be named? Hopium, for one. Report