ALSO NOTED: Squeaking hip devices worry patients, docs; Biotech M&A has yet to reach its peak;

> Replacement hips made with ceramic parts are squeaking in certain patients, some of which have sued Stryker; the company says the noisy side effect happens in less than 1 percent of implants. Surgeons worry that the squeaking signals possible structural problems. Report

> In analyzing the PowerShares Dynamic Biotech & Genome ETF, a fund made up of primarily small- and medium-cap biotech stocks, Seeking Alpha notes that Big Pharma's appetite for biotech acquisitions is far from satisfied. M&A report

> South Korea plans to boost its stockpile of drugs to fight avian flu in humans, securing enough doses to treat 2.5 million; though it didn't specify which antiviral, its health officials have named Roche's Tamiflu as a key treatment. Report

> Takeda Pharmaceuticals has hired the PR firm Fleishman-Hillard to help launch a new drug for Friedreich's Ataxia in Europe. Report

> Responding to HIV-positive critic, one Thai official promised that compulsory licensing is working; second-line treatments are already reaching patients in need. Report

> Novalar got the FDA's blessing on a drug antidote to dental anesthesia, which reverses the oral numbness after dental procedures are finished. Release

> India's Aurobindo Pharma got nine new-product nods in South Africa, bringing to 31 the number of products approved there. Report

> GlaxoSmithKline and Adolor's seemingly never-ending effort to win approval for Entereg has hit yet another delay. Entereg report

> Medical device maker NuVasive is buying Osteocel, Osiris' biologics business, for $35 million up front and an additional $50 million in milestone payments. Report

And Finally... Vaccine experts are pondering just how long vaccines will be able to provide immunity in a world where some diseases are all but eliminated and natural exposure to many common viruses has ended. Report

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