ALSO NOTED: Senate postpones hearings on Lucentis;Antibiotics overused in dementia patients;

> Lawmakers investigating Genentech's pricing of macular degeneration drug Lucentis have backed off of holding hearings on the issue. Report

> A new study suggests that antibiotics are overused in people dying of dementia and should be reconsidered because of the growing problem of resistant superbugs. Report

> Sanofi Pasteur is sending 6 million doses of yellow fever vaccine to help quell an epidemic of the disease in Latin America. Release

> Pfizer has cut its workforce at a plant in Groton, CT, to a small shutdown crew; at its height locally, Pfizer employed thousands of people, and most recently had about 500 workers. Report

> Bayer has proposed a 2007 dividend of €1.35 per share, up from €1 per share a year ago. Report

> In a study that may change the way that cancer drugs are developed and prescribed, scientists have determined that genetic mutations are different in every cancer patient, suggesting that drugs will need to be "tailored" for small groups. Report

> Patients most likely to benefit from genetic testing are either avoiding it altogether or paying for it themselves to keep hereditary disease out of their health records--and most importantly, off the books of their insurers. Report

> The International Stem Cell Forum is meeting in San Francisco, bringing together 21 stem cell research institutes and representatives from 19 countries to review such issues as the moral and ethical guidelines needed for research and the registry of ESCs lines. Report

> High rainfall, biodiversity and rapidly growing populations are considered breeding grounds for new outbreaks of diseases like SARS and Ebola. Report

> Clarus Ventures has raised $660 million for its second life sciences fund. Report

And Finally... You know it's trendy to bash DTC ads when Saturday Night Live gets in on the act. Report