ALSO NOTED: Pfizer's Shedlarz has $43M retirement chute; Study outlines billions in potential R&D savings;

> Pfizer vice chairman David Shedlarz could walk away with $43 million in benefits and deferred compensation when he retires later this year. Release | Report

> Sepracor plans to lay off 300 sales folks as part of a company-wide cost-cutting initiative. Report

> A new study outlines how biotech and pharma companies could potentially save billions in R&D expenses. Report

> Novartis got the FDA's OK for its leukemia drug Tasigna. Release

> Teva Pharmaceutical Industries will lose CFO Dan Suesskind to retirement in mid-2008. Report

> GlaxoSmithKline pledged to keep 6,900 jobs in Pennsylvania in return for $4.6 million in grants and tax credits--so what happens now that layoffs are imminent? Report

> The health industry is backing Democrats presidential candidates over Republicans, $6.5 million to $4.8 million and counting. Report

> Working on the theory that bones respond best to low magnitude, high frequency 'signals,' researchers have completed an animal study that suggests placing mice on a buzzing platform for 15 minutes a day caused them to lose a significant amount of weight while improving bone structure. Report

> An $80 million Emerging Technologies and Innovation Center planned for UMass Lowell will concentrate on nano- and bio-manufacturing research and is expected to play a role in moving life sciences companies from R&D into production. Report

And Finally... What's a Catholic pharmacist to do when Pope Benedict XVI cavils against dispensing the morning-after pill? Report