ALSO NOTED: Pfizer's Nigerian case adjourned for now; Watson hikes 2007 profits target

> The Nigerian court hearing the case against Pfizer' meningitis drug trial has adjourned until December 20, in part because six U.S. defendants haven't yet been served. Report

> Watson Pharmaceuticals raised its 2007 profit target after reporting a 10 percent hike in quarterly earnings. Report

> Slower sales in France depressed Ipsen's year-over-year sales grown to 1.6 percent. Report

> GlaxoSmithKline and Healthways will collaborate on obesity-fighting programs that will use Glaxo's drugs and Healthways' behavior modification therapies. Report

> Eli Lilly's shot at a blockbuster heart drug was in question this morning after researchers unveiled new data showing that prasugrel outperformed a top competitor in the anti-clotting market while increasing the risk of bleeding. Report

> A novel vaccine developed at The Scripps Research Institute at La Jolla may offer a new way to block infections without sparking bacterial resistance--a process that gradually dilutes the effectiveness of antibiotics. Report

> A report in the Journal of Clinical Investigation sheds new light on the role of WNK kinases in regulating blood pressure, which in likely to trigger research into new therapies for the very common, lethal disease. Report

> The Infectious Diseases Society of America has been beating the drum over a paucity of new antibiotic approvals. Report

And Finally... Overall, more than half of heart attack patients stop taking their meds, but those in cardiac rehab programs tend to stay on their regimens. Report