ALSO NOTED: Gilead drug beats out competition; Solvay gets approvable letter; Galenica beats forecasts

> A new research report concludes that Gilead may be stealing GlaxoSmithKline's "Best anti-HIV drug maker" crown, thanks to Gilead's drug-combo pill Atripla. The study found that Atripla was the HIV drug most requested by patients, and that doctors rated Gilead's drugs just a bit higher than GlaxoSmithKline's. Release

> Solvay Pharmaceuticals got an approvable letter for its pancreatic enzyme Creon, used to treat problems related to cystic fibrosis and chronic pancreatitis. The FDA is asking for additional clinical data and manufacturing information before final approval, but the company says, of course, that it's confident it can provide the data. Release

> Swiss drug maker and healthcare products supplier Galenica posted forecast-beating first-half profits of $57.3 million, sending its shares up 4 percent. Report

> Enzon Pharmaceuticals is raising some cash with the sale of a quarter interest in its royalties from Peg-Intron, its hepatitis C treatment marketed by Schering-Plough. Part of the sale proceeds will go to retire debts coming due next year. Release

And Finally... More seniors may have prescription drug coverage because of Medicare Part D, but that doesn't mean more seniors are getting all their drugs. Article