ALSO NOTED: FDA orders hydrocodone meds off shelves; Novartis gets E.U. approval for Galvus;

> The FDA ordered drug companies to stop making and selling any unapproved medications that contain hydrocodone, including cold remedies and cough syrups. The companies have until October 31 to stop selling the drugs labeled for kids under six and until March 31 to stop shipping any others. Report

> Novartis got the EU's go-ahead to market its type 2 diabetes drug Galvus, which belongs to a new class of meds known as DPP-4 inhibitors. Release

> Bristol-Myers Squibb recruited Jeremy Levin, formerly of Novartis, as its new senior vice president of external science, technology, and licensing. Release

> Wyeth is expanding its stock buyback program to $5 billion and has declared a dividend of 28 cents per share. Release

> GlaxoSmithKline appointed Sir Roy Anderson, a professor of infectious disease epidemiology at Imperial College, London, to its board of directors. Release

And Finally... Here's a future drug-and-diagnostic duo for you. Researchers have flagged two bad-boy genetic variations that may increase the likelihood of suicidal thoughts in patients who start taking antidepressants--which could lead to screening tests to either keep those patients off the drugs, or ensure that they're closely monitored until they get better. Report