ALSO NOTED: E.U. approves six-month formulation prostate cancer treatment Eligard; Ipsen and Tercica got their wish

> German biotech Medigene and Canada's QLT got E.U. approval for a six-month formulation of the sustained-delivery prostate cancer treatment Eligard. First-half sales of the drug reached almost $87 million worldwide. Release

> Ipsen and Tercica got their wish: The FDA did approve Somatuline Autogel, an injection for treating acromegaly, a rare and life-threatening disease caused by excessive secretions of growth hormone. Report

> The succession plan is in place at ResMed, which makes medical equipment for treating sleep apnea and other respiratory disorders. President and COO of ResMed Global Kieran Gallahue will vault into the CEO office January 1, replacing founder and CEO. Release

And Finally...Kill two great modern scourges with one stone? Researchers are finding that the anti-HIV drugs known as protease inhibitors also inhibit growth of cancer cells. Three of six protease drugs showed promise against cancer, but the most effective was nelfinavir, sold by Roche under the brand name Viracept. Report