After shutting down, Akorn recalls its 70-plus products nationwide

After declaring bankruptcy two months ago and closing all production sites, Akorn is yanking its products from the market.

Akorn on Wednesday put out a voluntary recall of both its human and animal products, a list that includes more than 70 medications. When the company shut down in February, so too did its quality program, so Akorn can no longer ensure the products work as intended or are safe, it said in a statement.

The company is notifying distributors and asking them to notify customers about the recall. It's also requesting that the recalled products be destroyed.

Akorn called it quits back in February after several years of turmoil. The company tried to sell itself to Fresenius back in 2018, but that deal ended in a courtroom fight and Fresenius walked. 

After that, Akorn weathered a series of FDA warning letters, citations and Form 483 filings.

By the time the company closed its doors, it had been “running at a loss for some time” and was unable to secure the financing needed to continue operations, CEO Douglas Boothe wrote in a letter to employees earlier this year.

With the bankruptcy, Akorn laid off all of its staffers.