Affymetrix Launches Advanced RNA Amplification Technology for Whole-Genome Expression Analysis of FFPE Samples

Unique and optimized solution provides highly sensitive and reproducible RNA amplification and labeling from archived FFPE samples for biomarker discovery and validation on industry-leading microarrays

Affymetrix Launches Advanced RNA Amplification Technology for Whole-Genome Expression Analysis of FFPE Samples

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(NASDAQ:AFFX) announced today the availability of (SensationPlus™ FFPE Reagent Kit), consisting of RNA amplification and labeling modules, to enable gene expression profiling of formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded (FFPE) samples on and for disease clinical research and retrospective studies.

SensationPlus FFPE Reagent Kit is an advanced version of the Genisphere technology Affymetrix licensed last year. This technology has been significantly optimized to overcome the challenges associated with analyzing archived FFPE samples, especially those as old as a decade or more. The kit efficiently generates sufficient target from as little as 20 ng of FFPE-derived total RNA for complete gene expression profiling applications such as biomarker discovery and validation. This robust RNA amplification and labeling solution combined with a range of 3’ IVT microarrays offered from Affymetrix – Almac Xcel™ Array, GeneChipHuman Genome U133 Plus 2.0 Array, and GeneChip PrimeView™ Human Gene Expression Array – offers unparalleled sensitivity, reproducibility, and performance, enabling researchers to maximize their discovery from their precious FFPE samples.

“Affymetrix’ SensationPlus FFPE Reagent Kit represents a simple solution for difficult FFPE samples,” said Ryan Davis at the Genomics Shared Resource, University of California, Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center. “Using this kit’s quick and user-friendly protocol with minimal sample input, we were able to reliably amplify FFPE-derived RNA where reagent kits from other vendors had failed, enabling us to obtain meaningful gene expression data from Affymetrix’ GeneChip Human Genome U133 Plus 2.0 Array.”

“This new product launch advances Affymetrix’ vision of growing our microarray business with targeted applications where array-based approaches provide more cost-effective solutions, highly accurate data, and the most relevant gene expression content compared to competing technologies,” said Kevin Cannon, PhD, General Manager & VP of the Expression Business Unit at Affymetrix. “In today’s competitive market, it is critical to provide researchers with the right tool for the specific application. The strategic launch of SensationPlus FFPE Reagent Kit is a perfect complement to the Affymetrix microarray portfolio, providing researchers with proven and validated performance as well as a complete workflow solution for whole-genome analysis from their precious FFPE samples. Combined with our QuantiGene Assays for single or multiplex quantification of RNA targets as well as visualization of RNA, Affymetrix is able to provide a complete portfolio of products for biomarker discovery and validation.”

It is estimated that there are more than 1 billion FFPE samples, an untapped resource of valuable data for academic, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology researchers doing translational research and translational medicine studies. These samples, often of varying ages and tissue types, may include information on the clinical outcome and are optimal for retrospective studies in areas such as biomarker discovery, disease progression analysis, and other clinical studies.

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